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We all know that things can go wrong in surgery and dealing with the consequences of complications and errors is part and parcel of a surgeon’s life. But how are surgeons affected by adverse events? What impact do adverse events have on surgeons both professionally and personally? Have surgeons developed effective coping strategies resulting in a degree of stress immunity?

Until now, large scale research in this area has been carried out in healthcare systems outside the UK which are often markedly different to the NHS.  

We are conducting the first large scale national study within the UK that will:

  •  Provide a detailed national picture of the challenges, responses, and resilience surgeons have when dealing with adverse events.

  • Provide the basis for more appropriate and better targeted support, enhancing the quality of surgeons’ professional and personal lives and help them to use their experiences to improve their practice.

If you are a surgeon currently practising within the United Kingdom, your input is invaluable to us. By partaking in our survey you will be helping to paint a national picture of the impact of both complications and errors on the professional and personal lives of surgeons, that will potentially enable targeted support to benefit surgeons within the UK. 

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